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News and Society – Is the World Crazier Than Before?News and Society – Is the World Crazier Than Before?

When I turn on the TV or read the newspaper, there seems to be a constant shelling of negative events from around the world. Today I decided to try to categorize the top stories of the day and try to determine whether these events worsened or we knew about them:

1. Global economic trends – The past few months have seen so-called “unprecedented” problems in the stock market that have been in the back and forth of many large companies. Previously viable companies are now turning to the federal government asking for a prospectus because of competition or mismanagement in the past. The volatility of the dollar and the instability in trade relations have caused most countries to realize that what is happening in other countries is affecting us all.

2. Personal Financial Problems – Whether it’s a cause or an effect, individuals and families are hurt in several ways. The closure of industries and organizations has resulted in the layoffs of thousands of employees. The mortgage collapse in the United States has put pressure on homeowners who no longer have to pay. Volatile oil and gas prices coupled with rising food costs have forced people to turn to community agencies for support or take up more jobs in an effort to pay bills and support their families.

3. Health Problems – Due to the high mortality rate, we have more elderly people and this imposes demands on the next generation when it comes to ensuring that their health and personal needs are met. Time, money and stress can result when the carer is responsible for the care of a parent (s) as well as children while trying to reconcile a profession. There seems to be a strong educational component through our media that encourages us to develop good health practices.

4. War and Terrorism – A few years ago I remember being terrified to hear that there were more than 100 wars going on at the time. The terrorist activity of September 11th reminded the world that we are not invincible and that we do not have to leave our country until we experience shock or conflict. Every week we hear about bombings and threats of deliberate germ warfare or assassinations.

5. Weather Disturbances – Until India has not recently experienced a tsunami, I have not even heard the world. Hurricane Hurricanes destroyed us in New Orleans as we watched its victims struggling helplessly. Earthquakes, snowstorms and floods in different parts of the world regularly attract our attention.

6. Crime and murder – I am shocked by the number of school shootings, family suicides and armed robberies reported through the media every week. Sports and political figures are not immune, and we often lose respect for someone who was previously a “hero” after being charged with criminal offenses or immoral practices.

When I think about the above, I remember that history repeats itself. We have suffered abuse and murder from the biblical days of Cain and Abel. Wars have been reported since the beginning of time and there have always been “haves” and “no” when it comes to financial wealth. Even those who claim that weather patterns have changed, they admit that there are always chaotic incidents caused by harsh situations.

It may be true that the more things change, the more they remain. We may hear about them more times and more quickly because of technology and media courses.