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Tennis Betting – Tips For Exchange Betting on Tennis MatchesTennis Betting – Tips For Exchange Betting on Tennis Matches

By selecting tennis as your preferred sport, you are already giving yourself an edge over others who bet or offer odds on other sporting events. You must first understand these two principles to be able to profit consistently from this “edge”. Then, use the power and potential of mathematics.

Principle #1

It is absurd to place a betting on tennis with a “traditional” bookmaker. The saying, “You cannot beat the Bookie” is true. Over time, you can’t even beat the bookie. It is because the odds are mathematically calculated in favor of the bookmaker. Everyone should know or should have known that the mathematical “edge” of the bookie against the punter is vital for him making a profit that allows him to stay in business.

Computer technology has allowed for a new type of gambling, called “exchange wagering” or “matched bets”. There are no bookies to beat when it comes to “betting platforms”; that is, there is no middleman. Every punter is able to place bets against other punters out there in cyberspace. Any punter (or “trader”) may place a “back” bet that the player or team wins, and/or a “lay bet to lose the player or team. A punter may choose to be an ordinary bettor, or a bookmaker.

If they want to act like a bookmaker, they can place requests for odds that they are ready to place bets on exchange betting.

The software on the exchange betting website matches all back and lay bets when they are in line. After the event ends, the “layers”, or backers, receive their winnings immediately.

It is obvious that the technology required to offer such a “fair” service must be paid. This payment is in the form or a commission on a punter’s net wins on an event (or “market”) The difference in net winnings or losses from the same event is exempted from commission.

This betting system achieves as close to an entirely fair betting environment as is possible.

There are very few betting platforms, possibly because exchange betting software can be so complex and expensive. Betfair controls 90% of the exchange betting market. Betfair, ibetX. Betsson. Matchbook, and the Global Betting Exchange are just a few of the others. Betfair is the most widely used because it is the only one to offer this “perfectly honest” betting environment. This allows you to be sure that your money is being handled accurately and promptly M88

Principle #2

So why is tennis betting so different from other sports betting? The simple answer is often overlooked, even by tennis bettors. You probably haven’t realized the importance and impact of the tennis scoring system on betting if your only tennis bet is on the weekend.

Consider the fundamental difference that tennis scores make to other sports.

In order to catch up to their leader, the leading player or team in any other sport or game must make up the points difference by winning one point for every lost point. They can only then move forward. This seems obvious.

Tennis has a rule that the team or player trailing can lose the first match 6-0 (possibly with an advantage of 24 points). A tie-break can see the winning team win the second set 7-6. They could also win the set by very narrow margins (or by winning less points than their opponents). ).

The scores are equal when the losing team or player wins the second set.

This is a common anomaly that can have a profound psychological affect on one or both players. This will impact their playing style for the next few mins and consequently the betting odds offered by punters. However, this aspect of betting on tennis may be covered in a separate article. This article addresses the mathematical aspect in tennis betting and how it can help you win more money.

Tennis betting.

These two principles are essential for winning tennis bets.

It is important not to be “backer” or “layer” but only to place bets on the final outcome of an events. If you do this, you’ll eventually lose because there’s always a slight variance between the “back”, “lay” and the “lay” odds. The “edge” mathematically is that your net winnings are subject to a commission, although it is less than with traditional bookmakers.