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Fictional Writing in the Context of Politics and Society

Contemporary political literature generally follows issues such as democratic reforms and problems of interest to the rural poor in developing countries. The best way to explore politics is to write down your experiences as a researcher and journalist most of them do today. Broad literature questions the prevailing perceptions of the political world and society, as well as paints desperation and desperate choice.

On issues that disturb rural audiences

The writings also talk about the game of power that lies behind the lack of policies at the center with the neglect of rural masses as a large part of the population. Current texts rely on the issues of the rural poor that lead to farmers’ suicides – a hot topic throughout developing countries. The literature mainly talks about ways in which agriculture can make an impact to get farmers out of their misery. Go to the central southern part and you’ll deal with the tyranny of lenders and the fallout from crop failure.

Dynasty politics

Moreover, this sensitive political imagination deals with family policies as well as the pressure that drives young politicians to succeed in the circles of power. There is much when stories unfold about the events behind the closed doors of Parliament. The news becomes exciting if it is the result of stinging or secretly taped conversations. Topics range from the role that companies play in appointing union ministers to the way politicians survive their actions during community riots.

Accumulate debt and suffering of the farmer

Fictional writing about politics and society deals with aspects such as rural life that depends on agriculture in the changing world. In the developing world, the suffering of individual farms can be of great importance to readers because they are a constant battle against possibilities every day. The mature debates in political societies these days are the suicides of farmers resulting from successive crop failures and the accumulated debt burden. Moreover, it revolves around what happens to family members awaiting compensation in the aftermath.

Corruption in government institutions

On the other hand, there are people standing in the way of justice for the deceased. The two different worlds, including those who fight this legacy, clash with despair and those who want to keep their inheritance from power. The idea behind the selection of these authors is to raise anti-corruption voices in all areas covering government and politics. The descriptions raise questions about the legitimacy of the institutions of democracy and governance.

What reveals corruption among politicians also reveals the despair of the general population.

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